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Cemetery Documents

The Authority's annual report has been published as an attachment to the Transport Canberra and City  Services Directorate Annual Report. This can be found at the link below. 

TCCS Annual Report 2020
Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2020
Cemeteries and Crematoria Code of Practice 2020
Canberra Cemeteries - Visitor Satisfaction Survey
Privacy Policy


General Information

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Canberra Cemeteries BrochurePDF5.85 MB08 Jan, 2020 Download
Construction of Monuments - Regulations and SpecificationsPDF478.62 KB21 Oct, 2015 Download
Customer Service CharterPDF224.27 KB02 Apr, 2014 Download
Questions Commonly Asked about CemeteriesPDF232.07 KB06 Feb, 2014 Download
Southern Memorial Park and Gungahlin Crematorium - Frequenty Asked QuestionsPDF1.12 MB28 Nov, 2019 Download
Survey - Customer Experience ResearchPDF110.80 KB02 Oct, 2018 Download
Workplace Heath and Safety PolicyPDF337.86 KB13 Dec, 2016 Download

Application forms

Below is a list of our various application forms. Please print and complete the relevant form then email it to us at

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Application for Burial at Cemetery 30032021PDF257.66 KB15 Mar, 2021 Download
Application for Cremation 30032021PDF207.47 KB03 Mar, 2021 Download
Application for Interment 30032021PDF243.37 KB15 Mar, 2021 Download
Application for Panel Inscription 01032021PDF135.98 KB03 Mar, 2021 Download
Application for Permit to Construct 01032021PDF164.30 KB03 Mar, 2021 Download
Application for Pre-Paid Cremation 30032021PDF135.47 KB30 Mar, 2021 Download
Application for Plaque 01032021PDF1.21 MB03 Mar, 2021 Download
Application for Right to Burial 30032021PDF206.74 KB03 Mar, 2021 Download
Application for Right to Interment 30032021PDF180.35 KB03 Mar, 2021 Download
Authority to Collect Ashes 01032021PDF122.16 KB03 Mar, 2021 Download
Authority to Collect Ashes from Norwood Park 01032021PDF123.44 KB03 Mar, 2021 Download
Authority to Remove Ledger 01032021PDF225.31 KB03 Mar, 2021 Download
Ceramic Photo Order Form 01032021PDF136.84 KB03 Mar, 2021 Download
Certificate of Medical Referee 30032021PDF204.90 KB03 Mar, 2021 Download
Memorial Hall - Hire AgreementPDF632.77 KB14 Aug, 2018 Download
Plaque Application Motif SelectionPDF550.95 KB16 Oct, 2018 Download
Statutory DeclarationPDF79.38 KB06 Feb, 2014 Download

Information Sheets

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Approved Plant List in Natural Burial GroundPDF367.35 KB25 May, 2017 Download
Ashes Interment PDF70.17 KB23 Nov, 2018 Download
Babies Rose Garden AllotmentPDF1.07 MB31 Jul, 2019 Download
Children's Garden AllotmentPDF664.58 KB31 Jul, 2019 Download
Construction of MonumentsPDF415.27 KB31 May, 2018 Download
Dedication SeatPDF569.02 KB31 May, 2018 Download
Ex-Service AllotmentPDF370.06 KB16 Aug, 2018 Download
Family Estate AllotmentPDF824.16 KB31 May, 2018 Download
Hall Cemetery Plant ListPDF213.07 KB15 Feb, 2016 Download
Headstone AllotmentPDF554.93 KB09 Aug, 2018 Download
Lawn AllotmentPDF376.86 KB28 Mar, 2014 Download
Liquidambar Lane AllotmentPDF382.97 KB09 Aug, 2018 Download
MausoleumPDF538.24 KB10 Feb, 2020 Download
Memorial Garden AllotmentPDF584.14 KB28 Mar, 2014 Download
Memorial Hall Conditions of HirePDF973.31 KB02 Oct, 2018 Download
Memorial Rock AllotmentPDF683.10 KB05 Dec, 2018 Download
Monumental Lawn AllotmentPDF330.48 KB28 Mar, 2014 Download
Monumental MasonsPDF142.72 KB03 Jul, 2019 Download
Natural Burial FAQPDF120.60 KB30 Nov, 2015 Download
Natural Burial Guidelines Gungahlin CemeteryPDF46.14 KB30 Nov, 2015 Download
Oak Boulevard AllotmentPDF394.82 KB09 Aug, 2018 Download
Plaque Beam AllotmentPDF439.32 KB09 Aug, 2018 Download
Repairs and Maintenance of MonumentsPDF302.80 KB22 Apr, 2015 Download
Tree AllotmentPDF462.03 KB09 Aug, 2018 Download
Tribute PolicyPDF492.33 KB09 Aug, 2018 Download
Vault AllotmentPDF364.35 KB09 Aug, 2018 Download
Wall of Remembrance AllotmentPDF277.69 KB09 Aug, 2018 Download


FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Cemetery Map - GungahlinPDF831.71 KB03 Apr, 2014 Download
Cemetery Map - WodenPDF602.41 KB12 Mar, 2014 Download
Cemetery Map - HallPDF165.62 KB13 Feb, 2020 Download

Price list

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Schedule of Common Fees 2020-21PDF879.97 KB28 Nov, 2020 Download


FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Conditions of Entry - GungahlinPDF305.21 KB02 Apr, 2014 Download
Conditions of Entry - HallPDF185.00 KB02 Apr, 2014 Download
Conditions of Entry - WodenPDF229.13 KB02 Apr, 2014 Download

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