New crematorium at Gungahlin cemetery now operational

A new publicly run crematorium is now operational at the Gungahlin cemetery.

The cremator was sourced from Austeng, an engineering firm that specialises in building crematorium equipment in Australia. The cremator is a bariatric model which is able to accommodate oversize, larger and heavier coffins.

It has been constructed in the central precinct of the cemetery to provide better accessibility for families including to the cemetery’s other facilities. Construction of the new facility has delivered not only a cremator and cremation facility, but also viewing rooms which meet the cultural and religious needs of the diverse Canberra community.

Interim prices are currently in use and are based upon industry benchmarking and have been noted by the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission. A final pricing schedule is expected to be available in the coming months.

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Southern Memorial Park

Consultation is now open on revised plans for the future Southern Memorial Park.

The initial masterplan for Southern Memorial Park was prepared in 2012. In the 2018-19 ACT Budget, funding was provided to review and update the 2012 masterplan given the time that had passed since its completion.

The proposed site is along Mugga Lane in Hume. This was decided following extensive community consultation in 2009. This site is the most appropriate location due to its size, zoning, access and proximity to existing facilities.

We have now released the revised masterplan, including designs for stage one of works, and are seeking feedback from the community on what is proposed.

Key features of the masterplan include:

  • a high quality and welcoming atmosphere
  • flexibility to enable different faith and cultural groups to practice their cultural rituals
  • interment in three broad categories: ‘traditional’ lawn and monumental burials, ‘natural’ burials and a memorial garden for ashes
  • a crematorium
  • memorial halls and function halls
  • outdoor chapel and gathering spaces
  • recreational amenities including a nature playground, walking trail and equestrian trails
  • a signalised entry on Mugga Lane.

For more information and to have a look at the revised masterplan, please visit YourSay and provide your feedback either electronically or at one of the pop-up events. More pop-up locations will be added to YourSay in the coming weeks.

Online Grave Search Unavailable 

Please note that our grave search facility is currently unavailable and will return as soon as possible. If you need information, please phone our office on 02 6207 0000, or submit your query by email to and one of our Customer Service team members will be happy to assist with your search. We apologise for the inconvenience. 

Canberra's Public Cemeteries

Canberra's public cemeteries are administered by the Cemeteries and Crematoria Authority, an independent, self-funded statutory authority, which reports to the ACT Government through the Minister for City Services. The cemeteries are planned and managed to meet as many of the communities needs as possible.

Gungahlin Cemetery

Local ducks enjoying the lake at Gungahlin Cemetery

The Gungahlin Cemetery was opened in 1979 and is extensively landscaped. A large lake and many bird species help create a tranquil and peaceful environment.


Hall Cemetery

Picturesque rock wall at Hall Cemetery

Hall Cemetery is a small rural cemetery, mainly for the long time residents of the Hall Region. It is divided into religious denominations .


Woden Cemetery

The ornate front gates of Woden Cemetery

The Woden Cemetery was opened in 1936 and closed in 1979. Re-opened in March 1999, this formally planned cemetery features many stately mature trees and offers lawn and monumental burial sites in different religious and general areas.

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Burial Schedule

This information is updated daily. Please note that private funerals are not displayed.

  Date    Surname First Name Time Funeral Director Cemetery Service Area
  Friday 4 June  O'Mahony Patricia 11.30 am William Cole Funerals Gungahlin   Portion 1 
  Friday 4 June  Tozzi Maria 12.30 pm White Lady Funerals Woden   Portion 9
  Saturday 5 June Kaye Robert 11.00 am Guardian Funerals Woden   Portion 1
  Tuesday 8 June  Rowsell Daniel  1.30 pm William Cole Funerals Woden   TBA 
  Friday 11 June  Udovisi Luisa  1.30 pm Tobin Brothers Funerals Woden Graveside  Portion 9
  Tuesday 15 June  Saraswati Vinaya 10.30 am Toscan Dinn Funerals Gungahlin   Portion 23 
  Tuesday 15 June  Welch Linda  3.00 pm White Lady Funerals Woden   Portion 6 
  Thursday 17 June  Jones Thelma 10.30 am Tobin Brothers Funerals Gungahlin Graveside  Portion 18