Following strong winds and extremely gusty conditions recently, many vases and unauthorised items on graves were damaged and the cleanup of broken glass and ceramics by staff is ongoing.

It is Canberra Cemeteries’ policy that, in the interests of staff and public safety, only items made of unbreakable materials may be placed on graves. Staff are required  to remove items that may pose a threat to themselves or the public, particularly those that are broken or are on the lawn.
Glass, china or ceramic objects may be removed without notice.

We respectfully encourage visitors not to leave items of sentimental or monetary value in such a public place due to occasional theft or damage.

Canberra's public cemeteries

Canberra's public cemeteries are administered by the ACT Public Cemeteries Authority, an independent, self-funded statutory authority, which reports to the ACT Government through the Minister for Territory and Municipal Services. The cemeteries are planned and managed to meet as many of the communities needs as possible.

Gungahlin Cemetery

Local ducks enjoying the lake at Gungahlin Cemetery

The Gungahlin Cemetery was opened in 1979 and is extensively landscaped. A large lake and many bird species help create a tranquil and peaceful environment.


Hall Cemetery

Picturesque rock wal at Hall Cemetery

Hall Cemetery is a small rural cemetery, mainly for the long time residents of the Hall Region. It is divided into religious denominations .


Woden Cemetery

The ornate front gates of Woden Cemetery

The Woden Cemetery was opened in 1936 and closed in 1979. Re-opened in March 1999, this formally planned cemetery features many stately mature trees and offers lawn and monumental burial sites in different religious and general areas.

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